Graphical paper (WF coated && uncoated)

ABM-Paper International General Trading

1.    Offset WF (WF Uncoated)

Also known as book paper. General description of any paper primarily suited for offset printing. Can be coated or uncoated. Characterized by strength, dimensional stability, lack of curl and freedom from foreign surface material. Finish can be vellum or smooth.

2. Offset WF colored paper & board

Offset paper is a WFU paper with ISO brightness > 80% and a basis weight of 40–300 g/m2. Surface strength and low ligning are the main parameters, but brightness and opacity are also important. By adding pigments to the pulp, it can change to whichever colored we wish to produce.

3. Copy & Photo Copy paper (Reels, sheets, A4)

Lightweight grades of good quality and dimensionally stable papers used for copying correspondence and documents.

4. Offset board

This type of paper can have an uncoated or coated finish. It is also much thinner than other types of stock.  Offset is used for letterheads, flyers, publication interior sheets and brochures.

5. WF Coated C1S (Art) paper and board

Coated fine paper or wood free coated paper (WFC) are mainly produced for offset printing, Standard coated fine papers. This paper quality is normally used for advertising materials, books, annual reports and high quality catalogs. The coated layer shall apply on one or both sides of this paper.

6. WF Coated C2S (Art) paper and board

This kinds of coating is applying on both sides of paper. The main pulp is same as C1S and because of its layer on both sides, makes a very suitable surface for both graphical & art installation works, it also is suitable for such posters and the same matters.


Bristol board, white and colored A fine quality cardboard made by pasting several sheets together, the middle sheets usually of inferior grade.

8. WF Coated C1S wet Strength

Coating the surface of this kinds of paper with laminated materials which can increase the water resistance of it. This kinds of paper, due to their Moisture resistance are the most suitable papers for producing industrial or domestic sacks to carrying, some kinds of boards which they needs to have resistance against moisturize are made…

9. Uncoated Bleached Board

This paper is made by virgin pulp and purely made from bleached chemical pulp, it has natural pigment or it can add by industrial pigments as well. Because of its medium density & its white core very suitable for Graphical & packaging industries, cuts easily, has no smell or taste which makes the best option…


Cast Paper is a paper crafting technique in which paper fiber or pulp, such as cotton fiber paper, is formed using a mold. The pulp may consist of pure fiber, or be an amalgam of fiber, binder, and filler, such as Papier-mâché.