Publishing / Mechanical paper

ABM-Paper International General Trading

1. Standard Newsprint

Newsprint is a low-cost non-archival paper consisting mainly of wood pulp and most commonly used to print newspapers, and other publications and advertising material. it usually has an off-white cast and distinctive feel. It is designed for use in printing presses that employ a long web of paper (web offset, letterpress and flexographic) rather than individual sheets of paper. Newsprint is favored by publishers and printers as it is relatively low cost (compared with paper grades used for glossy magazines and sales brochures), strong (to run through modern high-speed web printing presses) and can accept four-color printing at qualities that meet the needs of typical newspapers.

2. Improved Newsprint

Improved News is an uncoated mechanical fibre content product, containing an element of pigment that provides an enhanced finish. This product has a wide range of uses in commercial printing, including high-end newspapers, inserts, circulars and advertising paper. Our customers appreciate the great look and feel of this product, combined with excellent runnability and a wide range of specifications.

3. Super Calendared Paper (SC-B/A)

A calender is a series of hard pressure rollers used to form or smooth a sheet of material such as paper or plastic film. In a principal paper application, the calender is located at the end of a papermaking process (on-line). Those that are used separately from the process (off-line) are also called supercalenders.

4. Light Weight Coated (LWC)

Lightweight coated paper (LWC) is essentially a thin paper made from ground spruce pulpwood, reinforced with a small proportion of kraft pulp to add strength. The resulting paper is then covered with coating in which the most important constituent is fine-grained clay.

5. Medium Weight Coated (MWC)

MWCs are part-mechanical coated papers with high brightness & opacity, suitable for quality special interest magazines, catalogues & DM applications.

6. Directory Paper

Directory is lightweight, strong, performs on the press, and provides opacity and brightness ideal for four-colour images.This is a lightweight paper with good sheet strength aimed at achieving exceptional press performance whilst still providing the opacity and brightness required to attain superior colour reproduction – including sharper four colour images.