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Purchasing is one of the main activities of companies with the mission of supply and procurement, which accounts for a significant share of financial weight. Improving cost, time and quality indicators is very important for this sector. The expansion of industrial activities and the importance of supply and supply of industries, technical inspections of all items, to obtain quality approvals have made it necessary and inevitable.

Today, with the development of human industries and artifacts, shopping has a more specialized position; In such a way that its experts should be able to be familiar with the language of industry as well as the language of the market. Although the coding and technical numbers of each piece or product make the way to supply easier, but this issue has caused lack of competitiveness and bargaining for the consumer; So that it has a monopoly for the producer and a compulsion to buy for the consumer. In addition, the existence of non-essential goods and similar to the original goods, as well as the addition of sanctions on the country, has made the work of supply more difficult and complicated. To face these issues, the need to form a purchasing engineering unit with experienced engineers has become necessary and obligatory for all suppliers of companies and industrial organizations. Due to their familiarity with the principles and techniques of business and at the same time mastering the technical information and basics of equipment design and using software tools, modern traders play an important role in improving time, quality and price indices of goods.

We can increase our commodities portfolios by including other PAPER commodities on customer’s request. Please send us your request to email address.