Printing Paper

ABM-PAPER International General Trading

What is known as writing paper is called writing and printing paper in the international classification of papers and it has different types. This paper is supplied in two ways, coated and uncoated.

What is called writing paper is usually uncoated and it is such that you can write with ink on both sides of it without the ink penetrating or leaking to the other side of the paper.

Types of sizes and weights for printing and writing:
This type of paper is offered in sizes 70*100, 60*90 and 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 100, 120 GSM.

Uses of printing and writing paper:
The uses of this type of paper are in the printing and writing industries. This type of paper is used to print all kinds of books, magazines and newspapers.
Also, all copy papers used for printing by the printer are of this type.
Copy paper is currently more than Indonesia, South Korea, China, and Malaysia.

Printing and writing paper producing companies:
The famous brands of printing and writing paper are: (Inda KiathIK), Three Coins (Coins3), Sinar Royal, Moorim, Tahrir Infiniti INFINITY-App, Tahrir Shinho and Tahrir Crown (crown) and Lonfon.