Graphical Paper

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Coated fine paper or woodfree coated paper (WFC) are mainly produced for offset printing: Standard coated fine papers. This paper quality is normally used for advertising materials, books, annual reports and high quality catalogs.
Woodfree uncoated paper (WFU) or uncoated fine papers are manufactured using wood that has been processed into a chemical pulp that removes the lignin from the wood fibers and may also contain 5–25% fillers.

Special type of paper which has been specially treated, e.g. by coating, lamination or impregnation, to improve its resistance to water and water vapor. Wet strength paper types are in particular used in sacks/bags in order to maintain their tensile strength when exposed to moisture and for cartons if condensation is anticipated in transit.

Copy paper is used for copying and laser printers. The basis weight is 70-90 g/m² (approximately 18-24 lb) and ISO brightness 80-96%. It is made of 90–100% virgin chemical pulp or 100% deinked pulp with total pigment content of 10-15%. The most important quality is smooth run in a copying machine / printer and good dimensional stability. It must not show curling or cockling, nor may it retain dust.
C1S is printing industry shorthand for “coated one side.” Likewise, C2S means “coated two sides.” These terms refer to coatings applied to paper by the paper manufacturer. C1S and C2S refer to a coating applied at the paper mill before your printer gets the paper and prints on it. Thus, it is not to be confused with various coatings your printer may apply after the printing process, such as UV or aqueous coatings, varnishes or laminates.

A high gloss, mirror-like surface, one side or two sides. Allowing the coating to harden while in contact with chromium polished surfaced coats cast coated paper. In the process of cast coating, the coated paper is press against a solid, highly polished chrome surface while the coating is in a plastic condition.
Bristol board (also referred to as Bristol paper or Super white paper) is an uncoated, machine-finished paperboard. Bristol paper is used for printing documents, brochures, promotional materials and envelopes. It is often used for water color painting. It is also used for paperback book or catalog covers, file folders, tags, and tickets. Another use is for scale models; some students use this kind of paper for the walls in their scale models. One-ply Bristol is thin enough to be translucent, and two and three ply bristol are the most popular thicknesses.

Solid bleached board (SBB) is a virgin fibre grade of paperboard.
This grade is made purely from bleached chemical pulp and usually has a mineral or synthetic pigment[1] It is a medium density board with good printing properties for graphical and packaging end uses and is perfectly white both inside and out. It can easily be cut, creased, hot foil stamped and embossed. Its other properties, such as being hygienic and pure with no smell and taste, make it usable for packaging aroma and flavour sensitive products such as chocolate, cigarettes and cosmetics